1. What is the difference between static and dynamic QR codes? 

The main difference between static and dynamic QR codes is that static QR codes always lead to the same destination, while dynamic QR codes can be edited to lead to different destinations even after they have been printed.

2. What additional features does a dynamic QR code offer? 

2.1 Analytics: Full analytics for each scan, including the time of the scan, IP address, country and city, and device type. No scan will go unnoticed.

2.2 Editing Information: The ability to change the information at any time and an unlimited number of times. Add or remove information, edit it even after the QR code has been printed.

2.3 Changing Type: Even after printing the code, you can change the type of content it leads to. For example, you can change a vCard to an event.

2.4 Blocking: If necessary, you can always block access to your QR code.

3. Bulk QR Codes 

By uploading your Excel table with the necessary links, you can generate 50 static codes at once.

4. Decode 

By uploading an image of your code, you can find out what information is encoded in it.